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(#65) My Pod

I’ve heard humans talk a lot about pods. Like when they look at the ocean, point, and say, “Look at that pod of dolphin!”

More recently, though, their pod refers to the humans they hang with for comfort and support.

Got me thinking about my pod—all those pup friends who greet me with a play bow, jump, or spin. We sniff each other, share biscuits, and feel good when we get to be with one another no matter the place. Could be the beach or my favorite little yellow building, in the park, on the street, or in the backyard. When I’m with my pup buds I feel at ease.

“You’re like two peas in a pod, Roxie,” Steve will say when he sees me playing with another dog. Then, trying to be funny I guess, he’ll say something like, “But don’t confuse that with two pees and a pooh!”


I am fortunate to have a pod. And I hope you have one, too.


Thanks for coming back to my blog. You make me happier than biscuits!

My book, Roxie Looks for Purpose Beyond the Biscuit, is still available. I share stories and lessons about friends, family, and fun. And I speak about purpose as well. (Steve says for dogs we might just want to call it “furpose.” He makes words up, I think.) The book holds a biscuit or two for you or for a friend!


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