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(#66) Tall Steps to the Ceiling

Have you ever been fearful yet not sure why?

That happened to me just the other day. We had returned from our morning walk to the beach. Steve put out a yummy morning meal for me. And, Hoppi had the couch ready to share with me as she read and nibbled on her biscuits.

“Look at her,” Hoppi said to Steve as she pointed to me. I had jumped up on the couch and buried my head behind her back. Being on the couch is not unusual (of course only when I’ve been invited by Hoppi or Steve), but my current behavior was odd.

From across the room, Steve said, “Looks like she’s shaking.”

And I was.

There I was in the same room with the same humans as any other day. But fear had grabbed me worse than those people on top of the boards on top of the wheels.

It was Steve. Well, not him, but what he was doing at the time. He was climbing tall steps to the ceiling of the room. The steps were not like the ones I scamper up and down each day in my house. (Excuse me. Our house.) No, these were very skinny and went straight up. As Steve climbed them he got closer the top of the room. And it scared me. What if he fell? What if he got stuck up there? What if I never see him again?

He did step down and he was fine. He came over and hugged me. That helped.

Again, I’m not sure why those tall steps to the ceiling affected me like they did. I am thankful my humans were with  me and helped me through it.

Odd, isn’t it, that I provide pet therapy to humans yet, on that day when those tall steps scared me, Steve and Hoppi provided me with human therapy. It felt good.

I hope you have a living being around to help you get through tough times. And I know there are people thankful for you when you are there for them.

Thankful I am for you.


Thanks for coming back to my blog. You make me happier than biscuits!

My book, Roxie Looks for Purpose Beyond the Biscuit, is still available. I share stories and lessons about friends, family, and fun. And I speak about purpose as well. (Steve says for dogs we might just want to call it “furpose.” He makes words up, I think.) The book holds a biscuit or two for you or for a friend!


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2 thoughts on “(#66) Tall Steps to the Ceiling

  1. Oh Roxie, I’m sorry you had to go thru that little scare. As much as Jasper helps the students at school, he has “scary times” at home too. Whether a car back fires or a thunder storm and the fireworks have to be the worse for him. But I always try to be home with him or my husband is. I’m glad your family was there to comfort you.💗


    1. Thanks, Aunt Linda. It’s good to have caring humans around. WOOF!


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