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(#8) The Little Yellow Building

Consider a safe place that makes you feel alive and free.
How does it allow you to challenge your comfort zones and grow?

I love where I live, whom I live with, and what I get to do each day.  I have soft indoor areas to rest, sunny and shady outside spaces to stretch and explore, and yummy food to eat. And biscuits.  Just love to hear Steve say, “Biscuit!”  I am never too tired to get up when I hear that word.

            A word, if I may, about biscuits. I’d eat a whole box if I could. Steve knows that and only gives me a little bit at a time. And I mean a little bit. The biscuits are very tiny and, although he thinks I do not notice, he breaks the small biscuits into even smaller bites.  

            Steve and I spend a lot of time together at home.  He doesn’t leave the house in his car like I notice the neighbors do each morning. I hear he and Hoppi talk about people going to work to earn money to buy food.  I’m guessing he doesn’t earn much, so that is why the biscuits are so small. That’s ok. I’m willing to help with the budget by eating fewer biscuits. That’s just how I roll. Anything for my person.

            At times Steve does take me to play with other dogs. At first, I was a bit hesitant. You know, kind of out of my comfort zone. It took patience for Steve and me to feel at ease with other dogs around.

My all-time favorite place to visit is this little yellow building that is only a short car ride from our house.  When Steve stops the car in front of the little yellow building, I get excited. It is the only time I catch myself yelping and pacing on the backseat.

            On the other side of the front door is where I get quality time with my canine buds. When I first visited, I had never seen as many in one place. We have the biggest yard to run and jump and, well, just be dogs. Love it!

            Karen, Erin, and their human friends make us feel so good. They play with us and they make sure none of us get rough. Sometimes they have special humans come visit us.  I think they are humans, but they dress kind of funny. Nothing like anything I see our neighbors wear.  One comes when the days are colder. He dresses in red. And has a white beard.  We sit next to him and Erin takes a photo. Not sure why. But since my pup friends sit, I guess I will, too.

            Every so often Erin brings me a special treat. It looks like a huge bone—biggest I’ve ever seen. But it is soft, not hard like a biscuit. It tastes like pumpkin and peanut butter.  And there is usually something on it like a “1.” Most recently, there was a “4” on one of these fluffy-taste-so-good gooey, colorful bones. 

Photo courtesy of Pooches Playhouse

            When I get these bones, Erin puts a hat on my head or drapes something around my neck.  She seems to like it and smiles.  I sit there knowing soon I have a big treat ahead of me. Yum, yum, and yum!

            At times, I won’t see Steve an Hoppi for a few days. I play all day with my pup friends and then dream all night in my own crate inside the little yellow building. The next day, we are all out in the big yard again. 

            I love the little yellow building and the people and pups inside it. I feel safe, alive, and free.


Beyond the Biscuit

Consider a safe place that makes you feel alive and free.  Where is that place for you?  What makes it feel safe? How does it allow you to challenge your comfort zones and grow?

Come back next week and I will share how I had to learn how to handle backyard invaders! #alwayslearning!

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