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(#23) Coexist

It’s not my beach. It’s our beach. All welcome.
And each in our own, different, and unique way adds to the feeling.

My Instagram (beyondthebiscuit) followers have seen photos I post from the beach most mornings. Well, Steve actually posts the photos. And, he takes them as well. And, he set up the Instagram account to link with his.  Ok, but I’m there for moral support for him! WOOF!

Sunrise on the beach is quiet time. I like to lay there and watch the humans. Some run. Others walk with a friend or two.  Some carry long sticks with line. They toss them in the water. And then look at the water. Seems odd. But they look happy.  Other humans have long boards that they take into the water and then stand on them as the water brings them back to the sand. Looks pretty cool. And there are humans who bring their little humans. All smiles.

With very few exceptions, I’ve never heard a growl or loud voice from any of the humans. They seem pretty mellow. They smile a lot. At least at that hour and on that sand.  I’ve never chased an animal on the beach. I always want to get close. I’m curious. I want to experience as much as I can. I want to play with and be next to the critters I meet. 

It’s not my beach. It’s our beach. All welcome. And each in our own, different, and unique way adds to the feeling.  The birds look different than me. So do the jellyfish. And the other dogs. And we have learned to coexist and welcome each new day.

In many ways, the feeling is better than a biscuit. (Yes, I did say that!)  We can all find something to growl and yap about but it is so nice to chill and enjoy what each brings to the sunrise.


I would be honored if you would check out my new book, Roxie Looks for Purpose Beyond the Biscuit.I promise there is no jabberwocky on my part. (Now, I cannot speak for Steve.)

And, thank you for sharing my blog with your friends.


All photos ©Steve Piscitelli. 2020

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