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(#24) Routines Old and New

I look forward to reconnection with them, the people,
and the purpose behind each one.

I am a fortunate pup. (I know. I know. I’m about to be 35 dog years old. AND I still feel like a pup! Young at heart I think humans call it.) But, I digress….

While Steve will surprise me often, our life has routine. Sunrise walks and evening couch time. Playtime at the Little Yellow Building and reading time at the Little Pink Building. Visits to the place people come to stay and the building where they come to go. And the occasional biscuit! These and more make for a great life.

Lately, though, things have changed in a big way.  Steve and I can walk to the beach but we cannot get on the beach. Our pet therapy rounds have been suspended. The humans talk a lot about a virus. They don’t hug or touch like I have always seen them do. The routines that used to be there have changed or, as I’ve heard some say, they have “gone missing.”

New habits have replaced or altered the old routines.  For instance, Steve and I shot a couple videos last week. One shared one of our morning sunrises and a few comments from me about missing pet therapy. If you watch the other, you will see Steve reading a story.

I heard that the little humans who go to the Little Pink Building have to do all of their schoolwork from home now. I think it has something to do with why we cannot go on the beach, and why he read Max the Big Polka-Dotted Mouse Celebrates Differences. Steve and I sat on the ground in my backyard (err, Steve and Hoppi’s backyard). He hoped the little humans, their parents, and their teachers could listen to it while they are waiting to get back to the Little Pink Building. Steve said it was our small way to “give back.” Not sure what it all means, but I got a biscuit after the reading stopped. Yum! I am glad I got to help.

While I enjoy the new habits, I have more of an appreciation for the old routines that had filled parts of our day.  I look forward to reconnecting with them, the people, and the purpose behind each one.

How about you? Lost routines? New habits? New found appreciation?


I would be honored if you would check out my new book, Roxie Looks for Purpose Beyond the Biscuit. I promise there is no jabberwocky on my part. (Now, I cannot speak for Steve.)

And, thank you for sharing my blog with your friends.


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