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(#22) Flibbertigibbets

How do you deal with them?

Steve hangs with pretty nice humans. They always have a smile, a friendly greeting, and the occasional biscuit. (Yum, yum, and yum!)

Occasionally, though, he runs into a flibbertigibbet.  You know, the people who cannot not talk. They woof and woof and woof about themselves.  Never seem to take a breath or ask a question about Steve or me or anything or anyone else. 

Seriously? Still talking?

Can you say solipsistic(I can because my person keeps pushing my vocabulary skills!)

How have you learned to deal with people intent on jabberwocky?


I would be honored if you would check out my new book, Roxie Looks for Purpose Beyond the Biscuit. I promise there is no jabberwocky on my part. (Now, I cannot speak for Steve.)

And, thank you for sharing my blog with your friends.


3 thoughts on “(#22) Flibbertigibbets

  1. Roxie, I’m looking to you for that answer🐾🐾❤🥰🙊


    1. Nahoya! I usually just roll over on my back, kick my paws in the air, and whisper, “This too shall pass….this too shall pass.” You might want to try that–but I would advise you don’t roll on your back–unless you want a nice belly rub (which I always do). Of course, you could always hope for a biscuit. WOOF!


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