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(#63) Footography

Humans love looking at their feet. I think. But, I’m ahead of myself. Let me back up.

I am a fan of NTG walking. That’s Nose-To-Ground. So many sniffs, smells, messages from my pup buds, and breaking news alerts. Steve focuses on where he’s going to, while I savor where I am at the moment. No judgment (but you know which one me and my pup buds think is better, don’t you?)

It appears that many humans must be getting into the practice of NTG. Or so it seems. Let me back up some more.

Steve takes a lot of photos. At the beach each morning. At the big building where people come to go. At the puppuccino place (which I only get to once every century or so). He has a little contraption that he looks into and then presses a button.

Some of our early morning friends, like Uncle Bruce and Aunt Roz, use those bigger gizmos for picture taking. You know, the things humans talk into. They point and click. And then ooh and ahh about the beauty of their photography. Steve shares the photos with other humans here and here.

Other humans I see are doing what I think must be Footography.

I see them walk down the beach when we are looking at the sun, water, and birds. These Footographers are holding those talking-picture-taking gizmos that most humans have, but instead of looking at the  sun and water, they are looking into the gizmo pointed at their feet. They move their fingers faster than I maneuver for a biscuit (well, almost as fast). All the while their heads never look up. I’ve even seen two humans walking side by side who, rather than look at each other, will engage in Footography.

They must have beautiful feet as they spend lots of time looking at them and ignoring all the other beauty around them.

I don’t get it. But, hey, I’m just a dog.


Thanks for coming back to my blog. You make me happier than biscuits!

My book, Roxie Looks for Purpose Beyond the Biscuit, is still available.  I share stories and lessons about friends, family, and fun. And I speak about purpose as well.  (Steve says for dogs we might just want to call it “furpose.” He makes words up, I think.) Perhaps the book holds a biscuit or two for you or for a friend!


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2 thoughts on “(#63) Footography

  1. Roxie, tell your Dad to keep taking those great photos of the sunrise. It’s on Jasper’s bucket list to visit the beach.
    But since I am not an early riser, we will have to visit before the sun goes down.

    Liked by 1 person

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