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(#51) I’ll Be Back

Not sure how but according to Steve and a nice human at a big building near my house (um, I mean Hoppi and Steve’s house) I tore my ACL. Whatever that is.

What I do know is that my left hind leg does not work like it used to. I can still walk. Slowly. With a bit of a limp. When I forget myself and try to run, that leg comes up and I hop along on three paws. Steve has been keeping me on a short leash (the one we use when we do pet therapy) and limiting how far and for how long I can walk.  The biggest change: We don’t walk to the beach each morning.  I’m willing to try but Steve drives me.

On my way to the big building. Photo by my Person, Steve.

A nice human (I think she is pretty important…I used to see her at the airport when we visited it) loaned us a long board that helps me get in the back of Steve’s car. It is nice to have friends.

I stayed at the big building that was supposed to fix my leg one night. They stuck something in my leg. I heard “blood draw.” And “we have to postpone the surgery until we get results.” Again, whatever that means.

In the big building before they took me to another room. Photo by my Person, Steve.

I’m eating different food and get it more often during the day. Something called “protein.” Again….

I worry about Steve. He has seemed sadder than a dog without biscuits. (If you could imagine that!) It’s good he has Hoppi to talk and listen to him.  I stay by his side in our office, on the deck, and on the couch when we watch the big screen with moving humans.

I get the feeling more change will be coming our way. I’ll let you know when I know what is going on.

But I can promise you one thing. I’ll be back!


Thanks for coming back to my blog. You make me happier than biscuits!

My book, Roxie Looks for Purpose Beyond the Biscuit, is still available.  I share stories and lessons about friends, family, and fun. And I speak about purpose as well.  (Steve says for dogs we might just want to call it “furpose.” He makes words up, I think.) Perhaps the book holds a biscuit or two for you!


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7 thoughts on “(#51) I’ll Be Back

  1. John A Longbottom April 28, 2021 — 6:04 pm

    We’re rooting for you girl. Those humans in that big house just love to test blood. They do it all the time to me. Then they come back with numbers, letters and words I don’t understand. Hang in there. It’s all for the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, John. Steve tells me you are one of his wiser friends. I can see why he says that. Thanks for the encouragement. WOOF! ~Roxie


  2. Roxi, I’m so sad you are feeling bad! You are a strong young lady and you got this. I look forward to being with you again and playing ball. You were so nice to share your ball… as you know I can be grabby when it comes to balls but you were a perfect lady. Give your dad and mom a big lick for me. You are one lucky loved dog. Be seeing you soon. Love, Bear Boy🐾🐾

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Veronica Valentine April 30, 2021 — 11:19 am

    Roxie, we know you will be back! Your Mom and Dad are excellent caregivers. With your Mom a nurse and your Dad in charge of those people in the big building, they have your “back”, meant to say “leg”…and everything else. Stay strong, sweet Roxie❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Steve tells me you were an excellent caregiver for all the teachers you led and worked with. WOOF!


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