(#34) Why Do Some Beings Have To Bark?

Do you ever attempt to get closer to those barking beings or
do you keep your distance?

I have a nice second-floor porch deck. With a TV, fluff pillow, and ceiling fan. Oh, there are chairs and footrests for Steve and Hoppi, too.  The deck overlooks the backyard. From the top of the stairs, I get to cast an eye over my fiefdom (see, still building my vocabulary) below. 

Photo by my person, Steve

            Funny how things change as one gets older and more experienced.  These are the same stairs Steve attempted to get me to climb when I first arrived here. They initially irritated me about as much as those twerking squirrels. But, over time, I have mastered them one step at a time. Now, I bound up those little platforms without a thought.  However, I digress.

            When I do sit on the top step and view the yard below, I can see my neighbors on one side of the house. Two canines live there. When they see me, they bark from their side of the fence.  I sit and observe. I don’t bark at them.  Would like to get to know them a little better.  While we have briefly met on the street, we haven’t had a play day yet.  Not sure why. But I’m guessing the humans have their reasons.   

            The house on the other side of my deck (err, Steve and Hoppi’s deck) has two more dogs. They bark. A. Lot. I can see them when I am in my backyard and look up at their deck. They look down and bark. A. Lot.  I hear them, also, when Steve and I walk by the front of their house. They jump up and down in front of their porch window and bark. A. Lot. When I am curled up on my deck fluff pillow, and they are inside their house, I can hear them bark. A. Lot. 

I’m not sure if we will ever play.


Photo by my person, Steve

Beyond the Biscuit

Why do you think some beings must bark. A. Lot? Do you ever attempt to get closer to these barking beings or do you keep your distance? Can the bark be a good thing—or should you be wary?


Note: The story above appears as story #44 in Roxie Looks for Purpose Beyond the Biscuit.

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In my new book, Roxie Looks for Purpose Beyond the Biscuit, I share stories and lessons about friends, family, and fun. Perhaps it holds a biscuit or two for you!


3 thoughts on “(#34) Why Do Some Beings Have To Bark?

  1. Please Roxie can you come teach Hudson and Sprocket NOT to bark? I fear they are just like your neighbors 😦


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Roxie, I think it all boils down to, you have such good manners and don’t need to voice your opinion. Maybe one day you will get to meet and greet your neighbors but until then stay safe and let your Dad walk you.💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Linda. Ear scratches, Belly rubs, and Biscuits to Jasper. Love, Roxie.


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