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(#29) Starting the Day on the Right Paw

What healthy habits help you kick your day off on the right paw?

My life has variety. Like the biscuits in Steve’s left pocket (they are always in the left pocket), each day has an assortment of activities.  Sometimes we visit people or go for a ride in the car.  We walk to the park where I get to read all the breaking news alerts my canine buds have left for me. And every so often Steve surprises me with a day to play with my buds and buddettes at the Little Yellow Building.

After 35 dog years, though, I can say the one thing that does not change is how we start our day. A nice routine that lets me get ready for whatever may follow:  The Six Ps

Photo by my person, Steve Piscitelli.
  • As we make our way to the beach to see the sunrise, I have a few favorite spots I like to stop and piddle. To make sure other beings know I’ve been there I kick dirt after I squat.
  • Once we get to the beach, we walk to the top of a wood walkway where we stop and I get my first biscuit of the day. YUM! Then on to the beach where I get to play. My legs feel nice and lose by now. Once I hit the sand, I jump, twirl, grab the leash, drop to a play bow, and scoot through the soft sand. Consider these my morning stretches; the blood is now flowing.
  • But, as you know, I am all about economy of motion. So after a while I stop, scratch away a little of the sand, and plop. Front and back legs stretched out as far as they can go. My head drops between by front paws and it’s time to …
Photo by my person, Steve Piscitelli.
  • ponder. From the birds, to people, dogs, and scents on the sand there is a lot to take in.  I take it all in and just lay there.  Quiet time.
  • On our way home, I find a favorite spot for my first pooh of the day.  Hey, don’t turn up your nose. That is right, my pooh does not stink!
  • By time we get back to our home, I’ve worked up an appetite. Time for my bowl of phood. (OK. Remember I am a dog with different spelling expectations.)

Think about The Six Ps. What a healthy way to start a day: exercise, bodily comfort, present-mindedness (Steve is rubbing off on me), and nutrition.

What healthy habits help you kick your day off on the right paw? Are there any you need to add or maybe delete?


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In my new book, Roxie Looks for Purpose Beyond the Biscuit, I share stories and lessons about friends, family, and fun. Perhaps it holds a biscuit or two for you!


3 thoughts on “(#29) Starting the Day on the Right Paw

  1. Thank you for the phood for thought, Roxie! I can eliminate some of my morning rituals and add ones that are better for me, both mentally and physically!

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