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(#26) Meh~

Something is missing. Have you ever felt that way?
Do your canine companions feel the same way?

A few weeks ago, I woofed about the change in our schedule. No more visits to the people in the building with lots of beds. No more walking around the building where people pull bags on wheels and then get on large machines with wings. And at the time I wrote (excuse me, Steve wrote) that piece, the humans were keeping us off the beach.

Well, we are now allowed to go on the beach for our morning walks. Steve, though, seems to be a little on edge when I stop and stretch out in the sand to ponder. He keeps saying things like, “You’re gonna get me a ticket if you don’t keep walking, Roxie.”


But we still cannot visit our old places. And when the humans meet, they all seem to be farther away from each other than I remember. I’m feeling a bit sluggish. Not ill; just not a lot of umph.

We still go for car rides and walks—but it’s not the same as visiting those buildings. I see Little T.T. and Baby most mornings. That is always fun. I do get to go to The Little Yellow Building every so often to visit my canine buds. Recently, Karen and Erin threw a party for me. Got a cake. Yum! A very woofable day.

But overall, I have been feeling a bit meh. Something is missing.

Have you ever felt that way? Do your canine companions feel the same way? Or is it just me.

Or is that, just meh?


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