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(#17) View from the Window

NOTE TO MY FRIENDS: This will be my last post for the year. I will be taking some time to relax, go to the beach, play with my canine buds, and keep an eye on those twerking squirrels in our backyard. And, I will do my best to help Steve take some time off. As you know, he’s a work in progress.

Oh, look for an announcement, coming in early 2020, about a new project of ours.

A big holiday WOOF! to everyone. ~Love, Roxie.


Humans seem very interested in moving through where they are
to get to where they are going.

For those who have been reading my blog posts (thank you!), you know that I am all about checking for “breaking news alerts” on my walks to the beach and through the park.  NTG—Nose to Ground—helps me understand what and who is and has been around my part of the world. 

IMHCO (In My Humble Canine Opinion), humans seem to miss so much as they rush from one place to another. They don’t notice what (or who) is right in front of them as they (many of them) constantly look at their hands. Yes, their hands. Well, they look at what is in their hands—a small thing that they keep moving their fingers across. At times they talk into these things in their hands.  Kind of like their own NTH—Nose to Hand.  Odd, but what do I know?

Humans seem very interested in moving through where they are to get to where they are going.

Anyway, I, also, like to sit and look.  One spot is our backyard. Another is the beach. And then there is the view from the window.

My View from the Window.

In the room where Hoppi and Steve keep their food and drinks, I have a nice space in front of a window. From it, I can see our front yard and the park across the street.  A lot of humans walk and ride their bikes down the little road.  Some walk dogs just like Steve walks me. And, unfortunately, those people on top of the boards on top of the wheels have to disturb the peace with their mode of transportation.  I just give them a squinty look and a low growl.

From my window (err, Steve and Hoppi’s window), I see a lot of big humans with small humans. I think some of them go to the little pink building around the corner from our house. Steve and I have been there a few times to read to the little humans. Those little ones have more energy than a room full of puppies! It is a nice place. I’ll tell you more about that at a later time.

The Little Pink Building with More Energy than a Room Full of Puppies!

Anyway, one afternoon I saw a big and small human walking by the window as they were moving away from the little pink building. The little one was smiling and answering questions the bigger human was asking. Like, “What did you do today?” The little person then said things like, “Teacher read a story” or “We sang” or “I played on the swing.”

I did not understand any of it but it appeared they were having fun talking and being with one another.

A little later, I saw two more humans walk by. I almost missed them as they were so quiet. There was no talking. The big human kept looking at her hands and moving her fingers back and forth. The little person just walked along looking at the trees. I never heard them speak to one another.

I guess the little person did not do much that day at the little pink building. Or maybe they already said everything they needed to say.  Or maybe the big human just needed to get to where they were going as quickly as possible and the thing in her hand was helping her get there.

Again, what I know?

Beyond the Biscuit. Do you find people tend to be more interested in where they are going than where they are standing? Why do you think that is? How do you pay attention to the people with you rather than what is in your hand?

Thank you for reading my blog. Would you mind sharing it with some of your friends? I’d appreciate that.

2 thoughts on “(#17) View from the Window

  1. Thank you, Roxie, for making me think. Think about what? How sometimes I’m so busy going somewhere that I don’t pay attention to what’s around me. And about how guilty I am about having “that thing in my hand” more than I should. I will try to pay more attention to things and people around me. Would it be ok if that were my New Year resolution? After all, it was your observation. You, Steve and Hoppi have a wonderful Christmas and all the best of health and happiness in the New Year! I can’ wait for your surprise! Jan


    1. Hi, Jan. Sorry for the late response to your insightful comment. Steve has been keeping me busy with reviewing the manuscript for my first book. He is a bit of a task master, if you know what I mean. All good, though, as the book should be out by February 1, 2020. Woof! As for your comment and question…excellent New Year’s resolution! Have a wonderful holiday…I look forward to seeing you when I start my rounds at the hospital in 2020.
      -Love, Roxie!


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