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(#15) Stood Out By Not Standing Out

Maker’s was the top dog amongst dogs and humans.

Among the beach friends I met as young pup was a canine named Maker’s. He was much bigger than me, and red with longer hair and a narrow snout. He looked important.

I had to sit as Maker’s got closer.

“Watch me, Roxie,” Steve said.

But I’d watch Maker’s and tug at the leash. Maker’s would sniff me and turn his back. I learned that he was the top dog. And, I think, an older dog. He did not have the energy I did. That was ok. I liked his smell. At times, we’d lie down in the sand and roll around. That was a lot of fun.  I felt like I was his best bud.

Overtime, we would meet Maker’s and his person, Bruce, most mornings on the beach. Maker’s always had a smile. I’d like to say it was because he saw me. But, in reality, he knew Steve had biscuits in his pocket. He quietly sat and Steve would hold out a biscuit, Maker’s would wag his tail, and gladly accept the treat.  

Some days I noticed Maker’s would just be laying by the door at his house. Again, I would pull Steve toward him so I could do a doggie handshake. Sometimes Maker’s would struggle to get up; other times he would just lay there. And, at all times, his tail would thump the ground. He was always glad to see us. And, of course, a biscuit or two could always be found!

Often, I would see Maker’s and Bruce with their friends on the beach. Sometimes Maker’s would go to the water for a swim with Bruce. People would rub on him, smile, and you can tell they enjoyed being with Maker’s. He had collected a lot of friends during his years. I hope I will be that fortunate.

He was one of those dogs that was very comfortable in his own fur. You probably have seen dogs (and humans, too) who have to constantly be saying things like “Look at me!” Not Maker’s. He never needed to woof about himself.

He stood out by not standing out.

He did not have to make noise, kick sand, or cause a  commotion. He sat there and he enjoyed the people he was with, and they enjoyed him. Maker’s was the top dog amongst dogs and humans. No need to flaunt it.

The last few times I saw Maker’s, he appeared to be slowing down. Steve and Bruce would talk, and Bruce seemed sad.

A few days ago, Maker’s made his journey over the Rainbow Bridge. The first time (after he left us) I walked by his house, I stopped Steve and (again) pulled toward where Maker’s used to greet us. I sniffed and remembered. 

While he is gone, and people are sad, Maker’s will always be remembered for a life well-lived. He helped this young pup understand place and purpose. He was a constant companion to Bruce. And, he brought a smile to anyone he met—or at least, anyone who took the time to look into his eyes.


Beyond the Biscuit.  Even though Maker’s no longer greets us at the beach each day, his presence can be felt. He taught us all lessons that we will do well to remember and put into action. Think of those who are no longer amongst us but whose presence and teachings remain with you. Who has been such a being in your life? What lessons did you learn—and are you still practicing those lessons?

Thank you for reading my blog.  Would you mind sharing it with a friend? I’d really appreciate that!   WOOF!   ~Love, Roxie.

4 thoughts on “(#15) Stood Out By Not Standing Out

  1. Oh, how I adored your friend, Maker’s, Roxie. He certainly was a sweetheart by just being there. Thanks for sharing, because I hadn’t seen him and wondered. I am glad he had a good friend in you!

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  2. I also knew Maker.We were part of the beach gang and every weekend we would see Bruve and Maker at the beach We all loved this dog and he would come up and greet all the gang.I will never forget the day when Maker could not make it to the beach because of his bad hips My friend Sean said,let’s put Maker in the cart.So Sean and Brice went back to the house loaded Maker in the cart and they pushed him down on the beach.I don’t think there was a dry eye when we,all saw him.I have a dog too and when Maker went over that rainbow bridge I hugged my dog had a few tears and we said good bye to our Buddy.


    1. Thanks for sharing, Paul. Maker’s was part of “the family” for sure.


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