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(#13) One Day It All Changed

Think of a time when a challenge led you to renewed purpose.
How did you change?

I remember when Steve and I finally made it to the beach early one morning.  I sensed it before we got there. With my nose in the air I could smell scents I never detected in the park near our home. And I heard a noise. A roar!

            It sounded like when Steve poured water in my bowl, only louder. Like all the bowls in the puppy room and more. Much more.

            I stopped when my paws first hit the soft, cool sand. I kind of slid in it. Then I pulled the leash and jumped with excitement. Steve laughed.

            “You’re a wack-a-doodle!”

            The beach became our daily routine. We’d get there in time to see the orange ball pop out of the water. Steve always remained still as he gazed toward the water.

            “It’s a new sun and new opportunities, Roxie.”

            I met new friends, like Makers. He was much bigger than me, and red with longer hair and a narrow snout. Steve would make me sit as Makers got closer.

            “Watch me, Roxie.”

            But I’d watch Makers and tug at the leash. Makers would sniff me and turn his back. I learned that he was the top dog. And, I think, an older dog. He did not have the energy I did. That was ok. I liked his smell. At times, we’d lie down in the sand and roll around. That was a lot of fun.  I felt like I was his best bud.

            I met small dogs like Coco and Gigi. Big ones like Bear. We were all becoming friends. And there was Baby. I liked her best. We would always jump and play when we’d meet. Steve would give us each a biscuit.

            Then one day it all changed. We had just come back from the beach.

            “Look at Roxie’s mouth,” Steve said as he held me for Hoppi to see. “It looks like fleshy cauliflower. And there are smaller ones on her gums.” He pulled my lips up to show.

            Steve and I went for a car ride to a building he had taken me to a few days after I had left the puppy room. I remember a tall man with white hair, Dr. Moody, pushing and prodding  all over my body that day. He even put a slender stick up my pooh hole.


            And I still remembered the needles.

            This time we saw a nice woman who placed me on a table.

            “Papilloma Virus. Like warts on Roxie’s gums.” She said matter-of-factly. “Not much to do but let it run its course. Not unusual for a puppy. They could get it from other dogs. You should keep her away from other animals, though, until they go away.”

            So, now whenever I would see Baby we could not touch. Same with Makers and other dogs. I could not go to the little yellow building to  play or stay overnight.  

            I missed my friends.

            I could tell Steve was worried.  He would check me daily. He wanted them to go away, too.  You see this was still the time Hoppi was not feeling well, either. They would go away during the day. Steve seemed a bit stressed. I was glad to be near him. He needed me.

            As the days went by, Steve would let me roam the house when they left for short periods of time.  He would take me for a walk to pee and pooh before they walked to their car. 

            “OK, Roxie, we are trusting you to guard the house.  Don’t be a wack-a-doodle.”

            He’d then smile and toss me a few biscuits. Yum! And he would turn on soft music for me. I’d eat the biscuits, sniff around the house, and then curl up for a nice nap. 

            Steve would bring me to see the nice lady at Dr. Moody’s building every so often.  She would pull at my mouth and shake her head. That meant there would be more alone time.  No problem, Steve was with me. His presence helped get through this dreadfully boring time.

            When the days became a lot colder and the sun was not out as long, we finally got good news.

            “She’s good!” I heard the nice lady say. “She can play with other pups again.”

            Steve brought me to the little yellow building to play for the day.  I was happy! Steve and Hoppi were relieved.

            We had once again been there for each other.


Beyond the Biscuit. In the last story, something happened to Hoppi that influenced Steve and me. In this story, when I developed the warts, that had an impact on Steve and Hoppi. In both stories, with the support of one another, we made it through difficult times.  In each challenging moment, each person’s purpose changed.  Think of a time when a challenge led you to renewed purpose. How did you change?     

Next time I will share  how Steve and I grew even closer as a working team-and moved one step closer to becoming a pet therapy team.

Thank you for reading my blog.  Would you mind sharing it with a friend? I’d really appreciate that!   WOOF!   ~Love, Roxie.


1 thought on “(#13) One Day It All Changed

  1. Roxie, Jasper and I really enjoy reading your story. We look forward to the next one.


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