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(#12) When Water Fell From Their Eyes

How did you navigate through a major life challenge?
Who helped? What lessons did you learn?

Humans have this habit of shedding water from their eyes. Mostly when they are sad or hurting.

I had settled into my new life with Steve and Hoppi. Each day, I’d explore the backyard, prance around with my toys in the house, and walk with Steve.  And each day,  we’d walk a little further than the day before. First, we walked to the end of the path where the cars were parked. Then we made it to the big green area across from our house where we found lots of grass, dirt, water, and scents.  There were scents everywhere!  Dogs, cats, raccoons, coyotes, ducks, and more.  I moved ahead of Steve with my nose barely off the dirt. Sniff, sniff, sniff.

Photo by Steve Piscitelli

And, each day we’d venture a little further before I got tired and would just lay down,  Steve would give a little tug on the leash to urge me forward. I was done.  So, we’d turn and head back to our house and my comfort zones.

“We’ll make it to the beach next week, Roxie. Beach!  You’ll love the beach.”

Steve always smiled when he said “beach.” So, I’d wag my tail. Maybe “beach” is like “biscuit,” I thought.

Hoppi left the house each day for what I heard them refer to as “work.” She’d wore a uniform and she always looked so good.  I was glad she was part of our home.

When Hoppi left, I stayed with Steve, which was good. I’d follow him from room to room. Sometimes, I’d sleep. Well, ok, most times I slept.  Life was good

Then water started coming from their eyes.

I could sense that Hoppi was sad, and so was Steve.

“The biopsy shows cancer,” she told Steve. 

I looked at each of them and I could tell they were not happy. The water ran down their cheeks and I did not understand any of the words. They said cancer a lot. They hugged and eventually the water stopped.

Life changed for me at that moment. Oh, Steve and Hoppi still loved on me. My walks took us a little further each day. Just like Steve promised we made it to the beach. And I loved it. I also spent more time alone in the house.

“We have to go see the doctor, Roxie. Here’s a biscuit. I’ll be back soon.”

I would go into my crate with expectations of “yum, yum, yum” circling in my head. Steve would drop a biscuit on the floor and gently close the gate. I’d nibble, curl up, listen to the music that came from a little box outside my puppy condo, and dream of our next walk.

This went on for longer than I had been with Steve and Hoppi. They would leave. Steve would come back and let me in the backyard, love on me, and sometimes take me for a walk around the big scented area across from our house. And, then, back in the crate, and he would leave again.

I would sleep and dream of the scents, the beach, and the biscuits. Mostly the biscuits.  At some point, I’d be awakened by the door opening. I’d hear Steve and Hoppi. I remember that Hoppi would lay her head down on bed and sleep. She looked tired. Steve and I would go for a walk while Hoppi would rest.

This became our new routine. I did not mind it. I had my comfort zone to curl up in. And, there were the biscuits. Not many, but always the promise of one. I had Steve and Hoppi.

The days, also, were getting cooler.

And, then I got sick.


Beyond the Biscuit. Sometimes, when life seems to be going along just fine, it happens. You know what I mean. Something occurs that seems to challenge life as you know it.  Some people fall apart. Some grow stronger. Think of such a time in your life. How did you navigate through that major life challenge? Who helped? What lessons did you learn?

Next time I will tell you about how I got sick and could not play with other dogs. It was so hard!

Thank you for reading my blog. Would you mind sharing it with a friend? I’d really appreciate that! WOOF! Love, Roxie.

3 thoughts on “(#12) When Water Fell From Their Eyes

  1. Roxie, I so look forward to reading your story each week. It makes me feel so happy that you are so loved in your home.💞


    1. Thank you, Linda. Best to Jasper. Woof!


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