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(#11) Life’s Little Pleasures

Hi, How ya doing?

Life is full of little pleasures. The challenge is to stop and appreciate them. Well, that’s not a challenge for me as I could spend a long time in the NTG mode. (That is Nose to Ground.) I know Steve struggles with that at times, as he is always moving on to this project or that project. He is getting better, though. I’m working with him.

I want to share–by way of my first video–a reminder to stop and enjoy what is in front of us. But first, let me woof a little. The video will be at the end of this blog.

My life with Steve and Hoppi has provided me with so many opportunities. As is usual, Steve and I saw the sunrise up at the beach to start this day. A simple pleasure. I love laying in the sand and watching and sniffing.

Photo by my person, Steve Piscitelli.

I little later, Steve and I went to the local Brewhound dog park and I got to play with all manner of pups. Had a great time. Met up with one named Cyrus.

He attempted to get a little “frisky,” if you know what I mean. No problem as I took care of myself and set boundaries. His person said something about it being time for him to have something removed. Not sure what that was about. I do know we enjoyed running around the park.

Cyrus and me chilling.

As you have probably learned by now, I love me a biscuit or two every so often. Steve gives me small treats–and I love them! Yum, yum, yum!

Every so often I get something called a kong. Not sure what he fills it with–but it’s scrumptious! (My vocabulary is getting better hanging around Steve.) When he is done filling the kong, he lets me lick the spoon. He caught me with this short video. Again…enjoying a simple pleasure of life.

To view the video , click here.

Beyond the Biscuit. What simple pleasures in life do you enjoy? When was the last time you treated yourself to this simple pleasure? Why do you think it is important to stop, be, an savor?

Until next time, I hope you get to spend time with people and experiences that make you smile and appreciate life. Oh, would you mind sharing my blog with your friends? I’d appreciate that simple pleasure! (See, it’s not always about the biscuit!) Woof! ~Love, Roxie.

2 thoughts on “(#11) Life’s Little Pleasures

  1. Roxie, I love your video but shame on Steve for taking the spoon away.
    I am sure you wanted to clean the spoon entirely so your Mom would not have to clean it.
    Looking forward to seeing more videos in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, Linda. I think Steve is pre-occupied at times with keeping my waistline trim. He means well. He’s a work in progress. Woof to you and Jasper! ~Love, Roxie.


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