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(#9) Twerking Squirrels!

They were mocking me.

I had settled into my new home quite nicely. Steve and I had developed a morning routine of going to the backyard where he would follow me until I squatted.

“Good girl, Roxie!” Then I got a biscuit. Not a bad exchange.

The backyard was mine to explore. Untethered, I could run, sniff, roll, or just lay and ponder nature. Truth be told, I love to ponder. More quiet time when I could look up at the giant trees above me. Birds fluttered. And then, of course, there were the squirrels.

Those squirrels!

They would come down the tree trunk, tails twerking every which way. Stopping and starting. I’d watch, quietly rise to my paws, and stealthily move toward them. Not sure what I would do if I ever caught one. Just wanted them to know that I was top dog, and this was my domain. Then it would happen.

With a jump, the squirrel would be off the tree to the top of the fence and then scurry the length of the yard. That was my cue to go—and off I would run toward the fence. The squirrel above me and moving quickly until it reached the other end and up another tree.

I’d stop and look.

Guess you know who rules here. I’m Roxie. Nice to meet you.

Dumb twerking invader would just look at me making stupid sounds. Mocking me.

I would turn and kick dirt.


Beyond the Biscuit

Overtime, I learned to co-exist with the squirrels. I still don’t get what they do or how they do it-but I have learned they are not there to bother me. Think of the last time you were challenged by someone you did not understand. How did you handle it? What did you learn? Is it possible we might jump to conclusions that are incorrect?


Next time I share how I learned a whole new set of skills-and thought that I had lost Steve. Thank you for reading and sharing my blog posts. I really appreciate that kindness. If I had a biscuit to give, I’d surely give you one. Woof! ~ Roxie.

11 thoughts on “(#9) Twerking Squirrels!

  1. Hi Roxie,
    I certainly am enjoying your posts! I have met some people in my life I didn’t understand and have jumped to some incorrect conclusions. Over time I’ve learned to keep an open mind and try to know the person better before making a judgement. This has served me well and opened my horizons to people who are different from me.


    1. Thanks, Jan. I can learn from your lead. BTW: Steve shared that your graduation party was a wonderful event. Congratulations! (And sorry we missed you on our BMCB rounds yesterday. Hopefully, we will see you next week. )


  2. Thank you Roxie for telling us your story each week. Jasper enjoys it too!


  3. Please tell Jasper, “WOOF!”…and if I could, I’d share a biscuit with him. 🙂


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