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(#5) Gotcha Day!

And then she handed me to a man. It was the “Tomorrow Man!”

I awakened the next morning, still a bit sore but less groggy. I peered out the metal crate door. While I could not see my neighbors, I could hear some barking. And I smelled odors.  Dog odors, I guess. I sniffed my crate. No pee or pooh on my part.

As I lay on my belly, front legs extended forward, my head on my paws, I thought it must’ve been a dream. Did a man really hold me? And what was that word? Tomorrow? Yeah, that was it. Tomorrow.   But what did it mean?

I took a deep breath, held it shortly, and then let it go.


Time for a nap.

Next thing I heard was the crate door opening. A smiling human looked in.

“Hi, puppy! I think we have found you a home.” With cupped hands, she scooped me up and carried me to the small room I visited briefly yesterday. As we entered, I caught a familiar scent. And then she handed me to a man. It was the “Tomorrow Man!” He took me, and held me to his face, and nose nuzzled me again.

 “Well, she still seems calm. Is she still sedated?”

Gotcha Forever!

“No, the drugs wore off during the night. She’s probably still a little sore. But what you see is undrugged!”

“I like her. Can we take her home today?”

And with that tomorrow became today.

Papers were signed. The man carried me to his car and placed me on the woman’s lap. I later learned that she was his wife. She felt good and had a nice smell.

Another rumble came from below. Forward movement, again. I fell asleep.

Celebrating My Gotcha Day (2019) four years after the original day.
Life is good.
Photo Courtesy of Pooches Playhouse.


Beyond the Biscuit

Who has been your “tomorrow man or woman”—a person who came to your “rescue” at a pivotal point in your life? Perhaps it was a mentor, a teacher, a coach, a friend, a boss, a spiritual leader, or someone else. What did this person do to help and guide you? How has this shaped your life? How can you (do you) pay it forward?

Next week. I begin to explore my new world. Challenges and opportunities present themselves. When was there an obstacle in your life that seemed insurmountable? How did you finally move up and forward? Please come back and read. It means a lot to me. WOOF!

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