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(#4) Nose Nuzzle

Where did he go? Would I see him again?

Groggy and squinty-eyed, I lay splayed out on the cold crate floor. Around me I heard puppies whimpering and, some, barking. Where did they get the energy to bark, I thought. All I could muster was to lean the side of my head against the grate door and doze.

I lost track of time. Whatever the humans gave me, was good. I fell in and out sleep. I dreamed of the box, the rumble, the humans, the water falling on me. And then all the puppies barked in unison. So loud it made me jump. That was the first time I felt the hurt down on my belly.

Whoa! That smarts.

The room’s door swung inward. A man and a woman walked in with the human who had been tending to me in the crate.

“What’s wrong with this one?” asked the man as he pointed toward me. “It’s the only one without an ADOPTED sign.”

Through glassy eyes, I could see him point and peer in at me. He had a kind face.

“She just came back from surgery. She’s been spayed. So, no one has seen her yet, except you.”

The first nose nuzzle!

They spoke some more and then my crate door opened, and two soft and gentle hands picked me up. I was carried out of the room, down the hall, and into a small room. There were no crates or puppies in this room.  The man and woman followed.

“How will she behave when the drugs wear off?” The man now was holding me and looking into my eyes. He placed me on his legs and gently stroked my back. It felt good. I placed my head down on one of his hands. “Can we come back tomorrow to check on this little one once she is herself?”

He picked me up, holding me under my front legs, and brought his face close to mine. He smiled and nuzzled his nose to mine. It felt good. Really good.

The worker took me. They talked some more. I heard “tomorrow” again.  Was that my name? I didn’t care.

The worker put me back in the puppy room crate. I noticed my crate now had ADOPTED on it. I did not understand. The door to the room closed. I fell fast asleep still smelling the scent of the man’s nose nuzzle.

Where did he go? Would I see him again?


Beyond the Biscuit

At times, “today” can be challenging and we wish for “tomorrow” to get here quickly. But it seems so far away. Maybe you wanted to be chosen for a team, a job, or a special project, but it did not happen. Or, at least, did not happen as quickly as you had hoped. How did you choose to respond? How did you grow from that experience? Finally, what suggestion would you give to a friend who was anxiously waiting for some good news to come his or her way?

Next Week: When tomorrow became today-Gotcha Day! Please come back to read. And, thank you for following and sharing my posts. That means a lot to me. WOOF! – Roxie!

5 thoughts on “(#4) Nose Nuzzle

  1. Love your journey adopting a new dog❤


    1. I was glad when Steve brought me home. Grateful! — Woof! Roxie…..


  2. Hi Roxie! I, too, wonder about tomorrow and sometimes wait for it anxiously. There is a sign where I work that says something along the lines “Don’t keep waiting for Friday, for summer, to fall in love, Enjoy what is now”. However, there is a difference between looking forward to something and waiting for something to happen. I must learn that, even though I’ve been looking forward to finishing school, when it’s finished, I must take time to enjoy each day and appreciate what I have. Oh, and also find a new purpose! Please say hi to Steve and Laurie for me. Jan


    1. You are a smart human, Jan. Congratulations on finishing school. If it was anything like Canine Good Citizen Class Steve and I took, you deserve to enjoy a biscuit or two for yourself! Then your yesterday becomes your today as you look to a new tomorrow. (I know, that was confusing in canine speak as well…you know what I mean.) WOOF!


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