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(#3) Abandonment and Forward Movement

Have you ever felt as if you were alone and left in the dark?

I was groggy. My memory a bit of a blur. A pair of soft, fleshy hands around my belly. Though I felt a rhythmic swaying, my legs did not move. Through half-closed eyes I could make out lights coming and going above me.

Just a few hours earlier I remembered moving in the opposite direction—same lights whirring overhead. Now, I did not feel quite as alert.

Lights. I remembered lights a few days back, but I was somewhere else.  I don’t know where, specifically. I remember a box. Big enough for me to stretch out on the bottom. I heard something slam and, suddenly, a rumble came from under the box. I felt forward movement. The movement and the rumble lulled me to sleep. Or maybe it was the hunger.  I had not had much to eat that day.

Next thing I knew, the rumbling stopped. I could feel the box and me being lifted upward.  I saw a person, but I could not make out the face in the dark.  I felt water. I think it fell from the person’s face.

As the person walked, holding me and the box, I heard the crunching of leaves and sticks.  After a while, we stopped, and the box was placed ever-so-gently on the ground. The person leaned in, moved a soft cloth around my body. I felt a stroke on my head. Then nothing.

I heard crunching again and soon it faded.

Silence. And noise.

Lots of motors, screeching, honking. I was not sure what was happening. I curled up tightly in the corner of the box with the towel and fell asleep.

I kind of remember the box being picked up, again. An anonymous face peering in and saying, “Poor puppy. Who would leave you on the side of a road?” I looked up and I felt my little tail anxiously thump against the box.

Slam. Rumble. Forward Movement. Sleep.

Next morning, when I opened my eyes I was in a cage. Surrounded by other cages. Lots of small puppies about my size. Every so often the door to the room would open. Then a puppy would be removed from a cage.

I watched wide-eyed . One at a time they would leave. A while later they’d be back. Asleep, I think. Limp. Gently placed back in the crate by a human.

Best I can tell I was the last one of the puppies to be taken. As I left the room in a human’s arms, I noticed all the other crates had something on them. All the same.


Nothing on my crate. As I would later learn, that would lead to more forward movement for me.


Beyond the Biscuit

Have you ever felt as if you were alone and left in the dark? How did you find your way? What and/or who helped you move forward? How did this help you become the person you are today?


Next Week: How I met my forever family. Please come back to read. And, thank you for following and sharing my posts. That means a lot to me. WOOF! – Roxie!

2 thoughts on “(#3) Abandonment and Forward Movement

  1. Hi Roxie! Thank you for sharing this part of your story. It must have been very scary and if I didn’t know you have wonderful home with your humans, I would be very worried. Luckily, Fortunately, I have never felt alone and in the dark but when I’ve needed some help finding my way now and then, my wonderful Dad has been there as a role model, supporter, cheerleader and mentor. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful father, just like you must be to have such wonderful humans!
    P.S. I got new biscuits – peanut butter and banana! I can’t wait to see how you like them!


    1. Thank you, Jan. You got my attention with biscuits. Yum!

      Dad sounds like a wonderful person. We all need cheerleaders from time to time. You know…that might be a good topic for a future blog post: Finding and Appreciating Your Cheerleaders–and Be One for Someone Else. I hope the rest of your day is filled with great sniffs and treats!



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